What makes Diligend stand out?

  • Automation and Digitization of Due Diligence Questionnaires

    Automate the distribution of digitized customizable DDQs, as well as the analysis and comparison of responses, while providing traceability and real-time information sharing.

  • Managers and Funds Monitoring

    Centralize collected information related to fund managers and their strategies. Structure research, documents and data. Keep track of all tasks and interactions.

  • Structured Assessment of Managers and Funds

    Manage the qualitative and/or operational side of due diligence. Review and rate external managers based on custom criteria. Track findings and identify risks.

  • Configurable Process Management Tools

    Build customizable workflows to manage different due diligence processes, stages and related activities.

  • Collaboration and Productivity Management Features

    Set-up workflows, assign tasks, monitor activities and set deadlines. Retrieve information quickly and easily for effective collaboration between team members

  • “What used to take us hours, now is possible in minutes”
  • “Perfectly tailored due diligence software, exactly what investors in funds need”
  • “Sleek and Well-thought-out solution”
  • “We found all the features we needed in a single system”
  • “User-friendly and easy to use solution, created with a full understanding of the industry”
  • “We’ve been looking for some time for such a system”