• “What used to take us hours, now is possible in minutes”
  • “Perfectly tailored due diligence software, exactly what investors in funds need”
  • “Sleek and well-thought solution”
  • “We found all the features we needed in a single system”
  • “User-friendly and easy to use solution, created with a full understanding of the industry”
  • “We’ve been looking for some time for such a system”

What makes Diligend stand out?

  • Digitized Due diligence Questionnaires

    Uniquely offers the ability to customize DDQs, while providing traceability and real-time information sharing through a web-based portal. Easily analyze collected data and compare responses.

  • Investment managers and strategies monitoring

    Manage external managers information and their products characteristics. Organize managers research and collected data. Keep track of all tasks and interactions.

  • Qualitative assessment and scoring of investment managers

    Manage the qualitative side of the due diligence. Review and assess external managers based on custom criteria. Flexible scoring features that can be adapted to any asset class or strategy specific search.

  • Process management configurable tools

    Provides customizable workflows to manage different due diligence processes and stages.

  • Collaboration and productivity features

    Centralized due diligence data and activities. Fast and easy information retrieval. Real time access to information and internal collaboration between team members.