What We Do

Technology-driven manager due diligence performed in a flexible, timely and collaborative way

With challenging market conditions, thousands of investment strategies and new ones appearing each day, research for the best investment manager has become extremely important.

Consequently, more and more efforts are spent on manager selection and monitoring. Due diligence processes are being defined and refined, and investors and consultant teams are becoming more rigorous. However, from a technological perspective, the tools haven’t evolved.

Allocators are usually equipped with analytics and data tools, used to evaluate past performances and risks. These tools cover mainly the quantitative side of due diligence.

However many topics remain neglected: process management, research, digitization and distribution of due diligence questionnaires, data collection, qualitative assessment of managers. Diligend was founded with the aim to address those issues.

Our secure and easy-to-use web-based software solution supports all the stages of the due diligence process. It consolidates the collection of critical information for the quantitative and qualitative assessment while providing easy traceability of data and documents. The solution also offers the possibility to customize RFPs and questionnaires and contains tools for real-time collaboration across internal divisions and teams, as well as externally with managers.

Our Mission

We use technology to help investors and investment consultants with their search for the best asset or fund managers, and streamline their due diligence screening and monitoring processes.

Our Vision

To provide institutional investors and consultants a one stop industry-specific solution to manage and automate their due diligence of asset and fund managers.

Our Team

Our business activities are spread worldwide, as we are serving all the major global financial centers.

We have a strong, committed team. A mix of technical backgrounds and business experience, combined with years of working with institutional investors, consultants, asset and fund managers worldwide represent our key strengths.

We spotted gaps in the technology supporting due diligence processes and put our heads together to find a solution.

Our asset and fund manager due diligence software – Diligend – is a result of thorough analysis, and a mission to improve the flow of the selection and monitoring processes through the use of sophisticated secured technology.

We’re building an ecosystem of investors and asset managers while increasing efficiency, transparency, consistency, and security of due diligence processes from a technological perspective.

‘’Diligence is the mother of good luck.” Benjamin Franklin