• “What used to take us hours, now is possible in minutes”
  • “Perfectly tailored due diligence software, exactly what investors in funds need”
  • “Sleek and well-thought solution”
  • “We found all the features we needed in a single system”
  • “User-friendly and easy to use solution, created with a full understanding of the industry”
  • “We’ve been looking for some time for such a system”

With Whom We Work

We created a solution for teams performing fund and asset managers research, either for themselves or on behalf of the third party´s investors.

Our software solution – Diligend – is developed to provide technological support during the external fund and asset manager due diligence screening and monitoring processes.

Its aim is to support different types of investors: Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF), pension funds, endowments, investment and private banks, insurance companies, superannuations, foundations, family offices, wealth managers and investment consultants or advisors.

Consultants and all types of institutional investors, need a tool such as Diligend, to help them streamline their search for the best investment manager, whether they are investing through mutual funds, pooled or commingled funds, separated or segregated mandates (Discretionary Portfolio Management – DPM).

The solution offers the ability to help with the search of different types of asset classes, such as equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private debt, private equity, real estate or infrastructure, through dedicated custom workflows and questionnaires.

Whatever your investment firm type is, see here how you can benefit from the solution:

Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF)

To secure and grow the national savings for future generations, you have to find the most suitable manager, fitting in terms of performance and risk with your long-term investment strategies. Streamline your extensive investment manager due diligence and conduct it with the required transparency of the process.

Public and private pension fund

Optimize your search for managers who will help you prudently grow the savings of your customers who have entrusted you with with their future retirement.

Consultant and advisor

When performing the investment manager selection process on behalf of your clients, you want to provide the best advice. Improve your efficiency in the due diligence screening and monitoring processes.


When you are searching for the investment manager, who will boost your profit and keep your clients happy, make the selection process easy and smooth.

Insurance company

With long-term liabilities, changing regulations, and search for increasing yield, you need to be more tactical and find the best asset or fund manager as soon as possible. Make your due diligence faster.

Wealth manager

Increase the efficiency of your due diligence in search for the asset or fund manager who will know how to maintain and grow your clients’ wealth without adding risk to their portfolios.

Multi-manager and fund of funds

The broad diversification, appropriate asset allocation and the investment in a variety of fund categories is a strategy which requires a truly dedicated manager. Make a smart selection of a manager who will maximize your outcomes.


Your endowment needs a manager who will maximize the capital and provide the steady money flow for regular operating processes. Speed up your search for the right investment manager.

Foundation and Superannuation

Securing retirement benefits for your employees or making grants is of utmost importance. You need to find the best manager to help you achieve your mission. Facilitate the search through specific questionnaires and precise scoring.

Family office

The selection of the asset or fund manager who will grow and deliver long-term value, as well as know how to achieve downside protection for your family wealth, doesn’t have to be a long or painful process.