Improve investor relations

Automate repetitive DDQ and RFP response tasks and give investors the information they need, fast.

DDQ and RFP Response

Respond to any DDQ or RFP from any investor 

Draw from a centralized bank of responses to answer any DDQ or RFP from any investor, faster and with greater accuracy, no matter what platform they use to deliver the questionnaire.

Duplicating effort

You probably receive multiple requests for the same or similar information from investors.

Team collaboration

It can be difficult to collaborate efficiently across front, middle and back offices.

Outdated responses

Are you maintaining the latest response data and giving consistent responses?

Response deadlines

How do you meet DDQ and RFP response deadlines without impacting core business activities?

Wasting valuable resources

Don't waste your valuable investor relations resource on manual, repetitive tasks.

Specialized responses are labour intensive

Specialized responses take a long time and a lot of resources.

Key man risk

Company knowledge is often held by a single individual. Without them responding in a timely manner is impossible.

Internal ownership

Who takes ownership of responding to DDQs and RFPs? It's not always clear cut.


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Need clarification?

I've used Diligend to respond to investor requests in the past. Is this the same platform?

No, although it is similar. If you have been invited to use Diligend by an investor in the past, you will be familiar with the Diligend Manager Portal. Diligend Respond is a brand new platform which takes the Manager Portal a step further. With Diligend Respond you can maintain responses in a centralized bank, respond to any investor request and collaborate with your team members using the platform.

How does Diligend speed up the response process?

Diligend ingests investor DDQs and RFPs in Word, PDF or Excel formats and converts them to questions and answers in the DDQ engine. 

Using Smart Response technology it searches previous responses in the response bank and suggests the most appropriate response. 

Team collaboration tools allow you to assign questions and maintain oversight over the response workflow, to monitor progress.

How do I access Diligend?

Diligend is a cloud-based software app that can be accessed via any web browser.

There is also a user friendly mobile app.

How much is Diligend Respond?

Diligend is priced according to your specific requirements. Please get in touch to discuss pricing.


Transform your DDQ and RFP response process