Diligend Live Profiles

Diligend launches Live Profiles, a unique tool for institutional investors and investment consultants that automatically sorts, structures, and scores the information that they receive from prospective or invested fund managers.

Whilst screening for new fund managers or monitoring existing ones, allocators collect a huge amount of data and documents through questionnaires and emails.

Digitized due diligence questionnaires combined with the tailored mapping of responses to a structured fund profile provides more control over data and increases its value for future insights and analysis.

Leverage Manager’s Responses to Automatically Build your Own Structured Fund Database

With Live Profiles, it is possible to map every answer in a digitized questionnaire response to a key information field within a Diligend fund profile.

The flexibility of the system enables allocators to easily build their own structured, cross assets, funds database by leveraging on their digitized due diligence questionnaires. Send out information requests and then sit back as data fields relating to funds or companies are populated by themselves transforming the questionnaires into intelligence that can be utilized in the future.

Automatic Document Tagging and Sorting

Live Profiles will also automatically tag and classify documents as they are received, based on the predefined criteria. Allocators will no longer have to spend so much time extracting documents from emails, tagging them and classifying them in shared folders. Documents are automatically classified, linked to fund managers profiles, and indexed so they can be easily retrieved in the future.


Allocators can maintain brand consistency across all touch points on their internal user interface and external manager/client portal through our White Label service. With custom logos, color schemes and URL’s, white labelling provides a personalized experience for internal users or third-party access.

Analytics for Data Intelligence

Use our Analytics capabilities to slice and dice manager data and internal operations or activities. Track changes over time and understand trends or fund exposures.

API Integration

Diligend users can also feed the information and documents that they receive into third-party systems or their internal database using our API.

Diligend platform does the heavy lifting so our clients can run deeper analysis, more frequently on more funds without the need for extra resources.


Contact us and find out in more details how you can benefit from Diligend´s Live Profiles.

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