Fund Managers

Current Landscape

Manual Process
Investor data request overload
Risk of missing requests or deadlines
Lengthy response process
Non-centralized data
Lack of collaboration
No traceability or audit trail
Messy back and forth Q/A interactions

with Diligend

Streamlined data submission process
Tailored and organized data sharing
Real time monitoring of processes and timelines
Faster response to investor requests
Centralized repository of questions and answers
Enhanced team collaboration
Improved compliance and transparency
Improved communication with investors



DDQ’s and responses submitted are stored within the same place, accessible and downloadable any time.


Assign sections and questions internally to team members.



Streamline the response process using previous responses or export/ import using Excel.

Real time visibility

Real time visibility on the team’s progress with responses.


Request clarifications on specific questions directly through the platform.


Monitor and receive alerts related to response deadlines.


Keep track of who submitted ”what” data to which investor ”when”. 


Analyze how quick the team is responding to investor requests.

Security is our number one priority

Data Encryption

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology

Authorization and Data Transfer Security Controls

Two Factor Authentication

Single User Session

Strict Password Policy

Session Locking

IP Address Logging

Security Alerts

Automatic Backups

Diligend SOC 2
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