Diligend Launches ESG and Diversity Data Collection and Analytics module

Custom, time-saving digital questionnaires on an efficient, centralized platform can replace manual, error-prone Q&A procedures

Diligend Launches ESG and Diversity Data Collection and Analytics module

Diligend announces the launch of a new module for institutional investors looking to effortlessly incorporate ESG & Diversity data disclosures.

With this new solution, Diligend continues its mission to help institutional investors, fund managers, fund administrators and investment consultants collect and leverage data to improve investment decisions. 

The new innovative ESG and Diversity disclosure module is designed for Limited Partners (LPs), General Partners (GPs), consultants, fund of funds, fund managers and fund administrators. The tailored and flexible set of new features allows the clients to request specific ESG & Diversity data quickly, then, swiftly rate, and assess considerations at the firm or fund level.

Diligend provides clients with readily available and automated ESG & Diversity questionnaires that they can instantly distribute to hundreds of fund managers or portfolio companies. Clients can also adjust questions and refine scoring metrics to fit their process.

The flexibility of the data requesting portal enables a fast, easy, and proactive process for fund managers and portfolio companies. Managers and companies can share vital information and documents in a matter of clicks each time they receive a request on the platform and can leverage previously submitted responses. The collected ESG and Diversity data is automatically updated, synced, and structured to the specific firm and fund profile, ready to be viewed and analysed by allocators straight away.

The One-To-One data disclosure initiative enables clients to seamlessly build and curate their own proprietary database with the most recent and structured ESG, gender, and ethnic diversity information.

In addition, Diligend provides tailored and dynamic dashboards, enabling clients to review, monitor, analyze, and generate seamlessly valuable insights into the collected and synced data that can be used internally or shared with clients.


“We see an increasing demand for relevant, structured and timely ESG and Diversity data amongst our clients and we know that they are keen on engaging with fund and asset managers to disclose important topics and increase transparency. Diligend has built this module and features in pursuit of a bold commitment to revolutionize the way investors perform due diligence and monitoring.” Wissem Souissi, Founder and CEO of Diligend.


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