Investors and Consultants

Current Landscape

Manual Due Diligence Process
Manager Information and documents overload
Risk of missing important information
Lengthy assessment process
Non-centralized data
Lack of collaboration
No traceability and audit trail
Increased risk of errors

with diligend

Increased productivity through automation
Tailored and automated collection of structured data
Improved process tracking
Faster assessment and comparison
Centralized data
Enhanced team collaboration
Improved compliance and transparency
Reduced risk of errors


Questionnaire design tool

Easily build your own customized due diligence questionnaires

Reviews and assessments

Manage in a flexible way fund managers’ reviews 

Data exchange management

Eliminate the need for manual intervention 

Fund Managers data collection and scoring

Managers responses in one place

Fund and strategy management

Manage funds and strategies

Research, Communication and Contact Management

Centralize research and communication  within a single place

Workflow engine

Set rules, allocate tasks and define timeframes

Audit trail and alerts

keep track of your team activities

Tailored reporting and analytics

Ready-to-use reports and dashboards 

Collaboration and activity management

Collaborate through the platform internally and externally

Several security layers and features have been added to the Diligend platform to protect our users’ accounts and data.

Extensive penetration and security stress testing measures have been applied on Diligend’ system in order to reach the highest security level.

Security is audited regularly and approved as per the international security standards OWASP and WASC by a specialised third-party security audit firm.

Data hosting is SOC (System and Organization Controls) compliant: SOC 1, SOC 2 & SOC 3.

Data Encryption

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology

Authorization and Data Transfer Security Controls

Two Factor Authentication

Single User Session

Strict Password Policy

Session Locking

IP Address Logging

Security Alerts

Automatic Backups

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