The Institutional Limited Partners Association
28 November 2018


ILPA Due Diligence Questionnaire in Diligend Library


Diligend shares with ILPA the same objectives: Increasing transparency in the Private Equity industry and Easing the communication between LPs and GPs.

For this purpose, we are happy to include a digitized version of the ILPA due diligence questionnaire within our ready-to-use questionnaire library integrated with a scoring engine, workflows, CRM and many more features.

ILPA is a global organization which engages, empowers and connects limited partners to maximize their performance on an individual, institutional and collective basis. It has more than 450 member institutions from nearly 50 countries representing approximately 4500 professionals and over USD 2 trillion of invested capital.

The Alternative Investment Management Association
14 November 2018

AIMA and Diligend partnership

  • Licensing agreement with AIMA is an important step forward in Diligend’s endeavors to increase efficiency of fund managers’ and asset managers’ due diligence process.
  • This agreement enables Diligend to offer its clients in the alternative investment industry up-to-date due diligence best practices and tools.

Diligend (‘the Company’), the digital due diligence solution for the investment industry, is pleased to announce it has signed a licensing agreement (‘the agreement’) with the Alternative Investment Management Association (‘AIMA’ or ‘the Association’) – the global representative of the alternative investment industry. The agreement, which permits the Company to make an electronic copy of the AIMA suite of due diligence questionnaires available for use by eligible clients, marks a significant new milestone for the Company in its endeavors to increase the efficiency of fund managers’ due diligence process.
Diligend is an industry-specific software solution which provides complete support for asset and fund managers due diligence screening and monitoring processes across all asset classes.

The complexity of and limited regulations in the alternative investment management industry require high levels of competency and trustworthiness. Consequently, the hedge fund due diligence process is among the most extensive in the asset management industry and demands transparency, particularly around data on strategies. Diligend’s due diligence solution helps institutional investors digitize their selection process, centralize the exchange of information, analyze information and rate managers based on structured data.

Through the agreement with AIMA, Diligend can provide access to the Association’s standardized DDQs, helping both investors and hedge fund managers streamline the due diligence process and communicate efficiently using the portal. A customizable questionnaires feature combined with a flexible scoring engine, as well as other functionalities, offers institutional investors an effective and unique tool for researching managers.

Jennifer Wood, Managing Director, Global Head of Asset Management Regulation and Sound Practices at AIMA, commented: “AIMA is pleased to improve the relationships between investors and managers. AIMA looks forward to working to increase the efficiency of the due diligence process for the alternative investment industry.”

Wissem Souissi, Founder, Diligend, commented: “We are glad to sign this agreement with AIMA and to include their DDQs in the list of templates available within our library. We thank AIMA for its trust in Diligend we are looking forward to a long-term collaboration.”



Diligend provides cloud-based software solutions dedicated to the due diligence of asset and fund managers.

Through DDQs digitization, managers data structuring and centralization, Diligend helps asset owners and investment consultants streamline their screening and monitoring processes.

Diligend’s solution offers a flexible and powerful set of features like questionnaires and RFPs management, a flexible scoring engine, reviews, watchlists, CRM, collaboration features, workflows and a managers’ portal.

Diligend supports investment consultants, sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, foundations, endowments, family offices, wealth managers, funds of funds, insurances and banks in selecting or monitoring managers across asset classes (Equities, Fixed Income, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure). For further information please visit the Diligend website:


The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) is the global representative of the alternative investment industry, with more than 1,900 corporate members in over 60 countries. AIMA’s fund manager members collectively manage more than $2 trillion in hedge fund or private credit assets. AIMA draws upon the expertise and diversity of its membership to provide leadership in industry initiatives such as advocacy, policy and regulatory engagement, educational programmes and sound practice guides. AIMA works to raise media and public awareness of the value of the industry. AIMA set up the Alternative Credit Council (ACC) to help firms focused in the private credit and direct lending space. The ACC currently represents over 100 members that manage $350 billion of private credit assets globally. AIMA is committed to developing skills and education standards and is a co-founder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst designation (CAIA) – the first and only specialised educational standard for alternative investment specialists. AIMA is governed by its Council (Board of Directors). For further information, please visit AIMA’s website,


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