Diligend, a leading provider of investment management software, has been selected by one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) in the world to digitize and automate fund Due Diligence across the traditional, hedge, and private equity asset classes.

The client’s objective is to normalize, centralize, and leverage on the high volume of unstructured data contained within the documents that the due diligence team receives from hundreds of fund managers.

With an end goal of streamlining the screening and monitoring processes, improving analysis, boosting collaboration and information exchange between the different teams, Diligend was a clear choice for the SWF due to its unique offering and the flexibility of its solution. “We were impressed with the technology Diligend has built in a short period of time and how tailored it is to the needs of institutional investors. After a thorough selection process, we found Diligend to be the best fit for us, addressing our current needs and being aligned with our project’s long-term goals.” commented a senior leader in the SWF due diligence team.

With major product releases focused on automation and analytics, Diligend technology is being more and more considered as the solution of choice to fund selectors and manager research teams. Diligend asset allocators clients manage a total of over $ 3 Trillion of assets invested across asset classes and through hundreds of fund managers around the globe.

Wissem Souissi, Founder & CEO at Diligend commented, “We are thrilled to have been selected by one of the top sovereign wealth funds in the world. This is a significant addition to the increasing number of clients using the Diligend solution around the world. Moreover, this is a strategic client that confirms our strong technology positioning in the institutional investment space and further grows our footprint within the global top asset owners community.”


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